Forming pervasion from Eastern Land Cultural and Tourism Festival

26/12/2018 10:55

The Organizing Board of the Eastern Land Cultural and Tourism – 2019 Welcoming Festival held a press conference on December 25 morning to propagandize the festival.

A scene of the press conference on the Eastern Land Cultural and Tourism Festival

Dozens of reporters from Central and local press agencies attended the event.

At the press conference, a representative of the Festival Organizing Board provided basic contents as well as preparations for the festival, especially the street carnaval "Hai Duong – Spring is calling" which is scheduled for the evening of December 30.

The Festival Organizing Board asked the Central and local press agencies to increase propaganda before, during, and after the festival to form pervasion and positive effects, contributing to widely popularizing images of the land and people of Hai Duong to domestic and foreign tourists.

The Festival Organizing Board answered a number of reporters' questions related to the assurance of security, order, and food hygiene and safety, arrangement of parking lots, traffic regulation, accommodation for visitors, etc. during the festival.

Earlier, the Festival Organizing Board set up a section to provide information for press agencies for prompt coordination in propaganda.

The Provincial Film and Movie Release Center has arranged two crews to show the documentary Dinh Cao Chien Thang (Pinnacle of Victory) and the feature film Thien Menh Anh Hung (Blood Letter) at the Eastern Land Cultural and Tourism – 2019 Welcoming Festival.

The two films will be shown at 7.20 pm on January 1, 2019 at Thong Nhat square (Hai Duong city). The center has prepared two HD projectors and two 300inch screens to serve the audience.

Notably, the film Thien Menh Anh Hung, directed by Victor Vu, is considered a new breath of air of the Vietnamese film industry.

Being made in a swashbuckling genre, Thien Menh Anh Hung narrates Le Chi Vien case which caused three families of Nguyen Trai to be given the death penalty

The story starts 20 years later, when Nguyen Trai's surviving paternal grandson finds ways to vindicate his family.

Traders must stop selling goods on the pavements of Bach Dang street and around Thong Nhat square from December 21 to the end of the festival.

On the riverside pavement of Bach Dang street, appropriate authorities of Hai Duong city are re-paving some damaged sections to serve the festival in time.


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    Forming pervasion from Eastern Land Cultural and Tourism Festival