Con Son - Kiep Bac ready for festival opening

Xã hội - Ngày đăng : 20:56, 23/02/2013

On the afternoon of 22 February, the Chairman of Hai Duong People's Committee Nguyen Manh Hien checked the preparation for Con Son - Kiep Bac Spring Festival 2013.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hien, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, requires the etiquette in both ritual and festivity to be promoted, more typical than in previous years.

Up to 22 February, 11 news,  press agencies have made registration for the festival propaganda. The Organizing Board has issued 700 letters of invitation to the delegates; parking lots have been checked, made sure to meet the needs of tourists. Earlier, through inspection, the inspector of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism had acknowledged and highly appreciated the preparations for this festival. According to the provincial Public Security and the Department of Transportation, the plan for the implementation of the work of ensuring order and security, fire prevention, fire fighting, traffic safety has been specifically drawn out. These tasks are to be implemented with a close coordination of the Chi Linh township Public Security and local authorities...

After practical inspection in Con Son and Kiep Bac, Mr. Hien required: This is the first year the festival is held with national rituals, so all of the work of organization, logistics must be thoroughly done. Before, during and after the festival, the etiquette in both ritual and festivity must be promoted, more typical than in previous years. The script must own specific colors of Con Son-Kiep Bac, the cultural nuance of the East land. The press agencies are required to further promote propaganda. The script must go as planned; ritual should be solemn, the ceremony should be diversified to avoid boring repetition. Special attention should be paid to maintenance of security, order, and traffic safety, avoiding subjectiveness, neglect. There must be a standing team to ensure environmental hygiene. The Chairman of Chi Linh township is assigned to completely settle the cases of inviting tourists with unbearable insistence. The Organizing Board definitely refuses to let the visitors who dress inappropriately, pornographically to enter pagodas. Arrangements are made to politely and attentively receive visitors from near and far and invited guests.