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Increasingly attractive tournament
  20/7/2017 5:09:26 PM
The Teenagers and Children's Chess Tournament for Hai Duong Newspaper Cup is gradually becoming a reputable movement sport tournament luring many players.

Members of Kids House Chess Club passionately practice to attend the 5th Chess Tournament for Hai Duong Newspaper Cup


2017 is the 5th consecutive year the Teenagers and Children's Chess Tournament for Hai Duong Newspaper Cup has been held.

The tournament is to begin tomorrow (July 21) at the Provincial Children's House.

Over the past time, teams have actively selected and trained players to prepare for the tournament.

After its absence in 2016, Ninh Giang chess team will attend the tournament again this year.

As soon as the organizers announced the tournament regulations, the Ninh Giang District Center for Culture and Sports actively coordinated with gymnastic teachers at schools in the district to screen, test, and select four players aged 6 – 9 from Ninh Giang town and Tan Huong commune to attend the tournament.

Nguyen Duc Huan (6 years old) is the youngest member of the chess team of Ninh Giang district to take part in this year's tournament.

Nguyen Duc Thuan (Huan's father) said Huan was very excited since this was the 1st time he had participated in a provincial-level tournament. Every day, he passionately practices with his father and neighbors and competes with older people.

"He has played chess since the age of 5 and shown a great aptitude by winning most of the games with those 3 – 4 years older than him," said Thuan.

"Hearing about the Chess Tournament for Hai Duong Newspaper Cup, I have registered for his participation.

"This is a very useful playground that will give him an opportunity to learn from experience and further promote his talent."

This year's Chess Tournament for Hai Duong Newspaper Cup will welcome Kids House Chess Club, a rookie from Children's House Kindergarten (Hai Duong city).

The club has chosen four out of 20 talented small members for participation. To make the team members not bewildered, the school has invited a coach to guide them.

"The Chess Tournament for Hai Duong Newspaper Cup is methodically organized on a large scale; thus, we decided to let them participate," said Dang Vu Phong, Head of Kids House Chess Club.

The members of the Provincial Gymnasium's chess team are also eagerly waiting for the date of competition.

Tran Ngoc Thuy, Deputy Director of the Provincial Gymnasium, said this was the 3rd consecutive year the unit had formed teams to attend the tournament.

The members of the team taking place in the tournament this time were selected from the 2017 summer amateur chess class organized by the Provincial Gymnasium. After screening and selection, the unit has arranged two teachers to train them twice a day.


The 5th Chess Tournament for Hai Duong Newspaper Cup is co-organized by the Hai Duong Newspaper, the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and the Provincial Youth Union.

By 2 pm on July 19, nine chess teams with about 90 players from districts, the provincial town, and the city had registered for participation, the largest numbers ever. This indicates that the tournament is increasingly pervasive and attractive.

At the tournament, the players will play in five age groups: 6 - 7, 8 - 9, 10 - 11, 12 - 13, and 14 - 15.

To date, relevant work has been carefully prepared for a successful tournament with a good impression.

Representatives of the organizers said they had made an administration plan, arranged a match schedule, and prepared referees and equipment to serve the tournament, such as 40 chessboards, chessmen, specialized clocks, 48 tables, and 106 seats for delegates, referees, and players.

The organizers will prepare backup medicine and a standing general practitioner at the Provincial Children's House throughout the tournament, arrange security forces to ensure security and order in the competition area, review and sufficiently prepare lights, speakers, etc.

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