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Information and Communications Department contributes to PCI improvement
  13/7/2017 5:01:30 PM
Recently, the Hai Duong Department of Information and Communications (DIC) has taken many synchronous measures to help improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI).

The measures have initially brought about positive results and been appreciated by the Provincial PCI Team.

The project "Improving Hai Duong's PCI in the 2016-2020 period" defines specific objectives with an attempt to improve the point of each sub-index and gradually increase the ranking of Hai Duong's PCI.

The project puts forth seven groups of key and specific tasks and measures for 10 PCI sub-indexes. In which, each sub-index is assigned to an agency to preside over and be responsible for implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and summarization.

Nguyen Huu Dang, Head of the DIC's Information Technology Division, said the DIC is in charge of the Transparency and Access to Information sub-index.

The department has taken a lot of measures to increase businesses' ability to access information, contributing to improving Hai Duong's PCI.

In early 2017, the department set up a team to carry out the tasks assigned under the project. The team holds monthly meetings to assess and report on the tasks done, urge and direct relevant units to perform their assigned tasks.

To make the plans and administrative procedures related to enterprises public and transparent, the DIC has built a portal to support enterprises, established and maintained hotlines to receive and answer questions of citizens and enterprises, and developed a question-and-answer column on the Provincial Portal.

Over nine months of operation, the column has received nearly 60 questions from individuals and enterprises. All of the questions were answered by appropriate authorities in prescribed time.

"The Provincial Portal is a bridge connecting authorities and enterprises. Recently, most information has been made public and transparent," said Trinh Dinh Hung, Deputy Director of Dai Duong Co., Ltd. in Lai Cach industrial park (Cam Giang).

"Enterprises easily access directive documents and decisions of the provincial authorities, departments, and sectors for timely grasping and suitable adjustment.

"Thanks to regularly updated information, we understand more about the provincial investment environment."

Over the past time, the DIC has recommended the Provincial People's Committee to issue a directive on promoting the application of information technology to e-government building.

The department has also developed online public services and an electronic one-stop system to serve people and businesses, realized the project "Building an integrated axial system to connect information and management application systems providing online public services of Hai Duong province," and advised the Provincial People's Committee to advocate investment in the project "Applying information technology to the building and development of modern one-stop and inter-level one-stop models at departments, sectors, district and commune People's Committees in the province.

Currently, the department is piloting one-stop software and will strive to apply it at all units in 2017.

The software will integrate all information about the processing of administrative procedures at units to form a public administrative portal for the province.

"Among the PCI sub-indexes, Transparency and Access to Information occupies a large proportion (20%)," said Le Xuan Hien, Head of the Provincial PCI Team.

"In 2016, the province got only 5.71 points for this sub-index, the lowest out of the 10 sub-indexes. As assessed by enterprises, this sub-index still posed limitations in quality and the openness of the provincial websites. It was difficult for enterprises to get access to plans of sectors, fields, etc.

"However, with the measures taken, the DIC has been helping enterprises easily access information of localities and sectors, contributing to creating cohesion and openness between the authorities and enterprises."

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