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Raising production efficiency through innovative emulation
  26/8/2015 5:53:07 PM
Patriotic emulation movements in Hai Duong-based enterprises are being concretized with topics, initiatives, etc., contributing to raising production and trading efficiency.

Topics, initiatives, innovations, and new technological applications have contributed to raising enterprises' production and trading efficiency

Patriotic emulation movements in Hai Duong-based enterprises are being concretized with topics, initiatives, innovations, and new technological applications, contributing to raising production and trading efficiency.

Attachment to production

Among patriotic emulation movements, Hoang Thach Vicem Cement One Member Co., Ltd. (Hoang Thach Vicem) is a typical example with many efficient movements such as "Working with high productivity and good management", "Emulation of promoting initiatives and innovations and applying scientific and technological advances to production", etc.

Since 2010, Hoang Thach Vicem has put into practice 30 scientific topics and more than 250 initiatives, benefiting the enterprise tens of billion dong each year.

Hoang Thach Vicem has taken measures to enhance management, supervision, maintenance, and repair of production equipment and quickly detect and handle incidents to ensure stable and effective operation of production lines.

All three production lines have safely operated with the design capacity exceeded and costs reduced. Particularly, the furnace line No. 3 has stably and continuously operated 336 days/ year, setting an international record.

The assignment of power, coal, and oil consumption in production of cement, explosives, and detonators in exploitation of stones, transport petrol, etc. has saved hundreds of billion dong.

Many initiatives and innovations, such as the change of the design of the clinker sprue gate, upgrading and cooling of the material intake system, upgrading and innovation of the automatic weighing system, etc., have contributed to removing difficulties in production, heightening equipment performance, reducing the consumption norm, product costs, and noise, improving working conditions, and protecting the environment.

According to Mr. Tran Van Ha, Head of the Engineering Division of Ha Noi – Hai Duong Beer JSC., the technical force always pioneers suitable and economical management and use of energy in response to patriotic emulation movements.

Many initiatives have focused on establishing and perfecting a monitoring network to control the power consumed by each shift, group, and production machine to make reasonable adjustments in order to heighten saving capability.

Hence, there are five cold gas compressors operating in the cold house of Ha Noi – Hai Duong Beer JSC., the best power-saving production phase accounting for 45% of the total power load.

The initiative "Utilizing equipment and increasing brews" together with the perfection of safe and efficient operation processes of beer filtering and bottling systems, etc. has contributed to increasing the capacity by 20%...

Above are just two among hundreds of enterprises in the province have efficiently implemented emulation movements over the past years. Apart from benefiting the enterprises and the State, each enterprise's production and trading efficiency also shows that patriotic emulation movements have more and more strongly spread and greatly influenced the business community.

Development resources created

In five years (2010 – 2014), more than 40,000 turns of workers and officials directly involved in production, management, science, and technology in Hai Duong had useful scientific topics, innovations, initiatives, and solutions proposed and applied to production, a surge of nearly 40% over 2009. Over 70% of them were laborers in enterprises.

Along with creative production emulation, attention has also been paid to responding to the movement "Green – cleanness – beauty and assurance of labor safety and hygiene" by grassroots trade unions in enterprises.

Each year, workers, civil servants, and laborers plant an additional hundreds of thousands of trees, repair and care for hundreds of flower gardens and ornamentals in agencies and enterprises.

The attachment of much importance to investment in remedying toxic and pollution factors easily causing labor accidents, occupational diseases, fires, explosions, etc. in production is a prerequisite to improve the working environment and protect the environment in enterprises.

The emulation movement “Safe – continuous – economical operation shifts” has been constantly launched by the leaders and trade union of Pha Lai Thermal Power JSC. for the past 20 years and brought about practical effects.

From only perfunctory operation, in recent years, the plant has always over-fulfilled its plan by 3 – 6% with the power output often accounting for about 10% of the total national power output and 70% of the output of northern thermal power plants.

In the 2015 – 2020 period, the company will continue to maintain many emulation movements, such as “Good and creative laborers”, “Safe – economical operation shifts”, “Brightness, cleanness, green, and labor safety and hygiene”, etc.

Meanwhile, Mr. Le Van Dinh, Director-general of Thanh Cong Construction Material Production Co., Ltd., said an efficient emulation movement can become an important resource for an enterprise's development. In which, the promotion of initiatives, innovations, energy saving, maximum cost saving, efficient use of human resources, and renewal of business strategies in accordance with market requirements, etc. are current pressing requirements.

According to the Provincial Labor Confederation, patriotic emulation movements of laborers in enterprises have extensively and intensively developed over the past years. Many businesses have continued to consider emulation as a lever, a motivation encouraging the activity, self-motivation, creativity, enterprising spirit, and difficulty overcoming determination of the worker and labor community.

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