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Experience travel in litchi land
  10/5/2017 9:55:42 PM
By the dreamlike Huong river, an ecological resort combined with a clean agricultural farm has been built in residential area 5, Thanh Ha town (Hai Duong).

Visitors can experience many working and production activities

This place is becoming an attractive tourism and relaxation destination for near and far visitors.

Communication with nature

The idea of building a relaxation and entertainment area combined with a farm flashed through the mind of Ha Cam Tu (52 years old) and her husband in 2014 after they had recognized that their native land has a specialty fruit tree and beautiful natural scenery suitable for tourism development.

At first, Tu bought her neighbors' land and built a farm producing and processing clean food called Golden Paddy Farm.

Apart from vegetable planting, Dong Tao chickens, ducks, turkeys, deer, boar, etc. are also raised in the farm. Japanese modern technology is applied to the raising process with no diseases, drugs, stimulants, toxic chemicals, or environmental pollution.

By early 2015, Tu's farming-ecotourism model, named Huong River Ecotourism Garden, had been put into operation with a total area of over 11,000 m2 and an investment of more than VND11 billion.

The entire garden is a combination of services, including 11 rooms facing the Huong river, a comfortable swimming pool, etc. Those coming for relaxation can contemplate the natural beauty and activities of riverside residents from canoes.

Since the Huong River Ecotourism Garden was opened, many near and far tourists have come to reward themselves with moments close to nature. Visitors can also participate in working and production activities right at the resort.

"Through the introduction of my friends, I took my family to Thanh Ha for sightseeing and relaxation," said Vu Quoc Hoang (33 years old) from Hoang Mai district (Ha Noi).

"The ecological garden is very beautiful and close to nature. The quiet and pure space helps us forget tiredness and stress in urban areas.

"We can also take care of animals and plants with our own hands, thereby educating our children in love for nature and self-reliance.

"I will definitely introduce this resort to many other friends of mine.”

The Huong River Ecotourism Garden operates all year round and averagely welcomes 50 – 80 turns of arrivals/ month. Besides domestic visitors, some foreign tourists have also come for a weekend holiday.

The Huong River Ecotourism Garden has 11 rooms and a comfortable swimming pool

A group of more than 10 tourists is charged VND500,000/ person for a two-day-one-night stay, including the costs of accommodation, farming experiences, and sightseeing along the Huong river in canoes.

The price is VND700,000 – VND1,000,000/ person for a group of fewer than 10 people (depending on the specific number of tourists).

Besides income from relaxation services, Tu's farm frequently supplies the market with clean food, such as pork, chicken, duck, and vegetables.

Thanks to efficient implementation of the model, Tu's family makes a profit of about VND100 million/ month and provides stable jobs for 10 employees with a monthly per capita income of VND4 million – VND8 million.

Development opportunity

In December 2016, the Provincial People's Committee approved a plan to build a Huong river ecotourism area (Thanh Ha).

As planned, the tourism area will cover 863.55 ha stretching 10 km along the Huong river with the development of garden ecotourism, river tourism, sightseeing of historical, cultural, and spiritual relics, etc.

The Huong River Ecotourism Garden is included in the plan. The success of the establishment is a precondition for local tourism investment and development in the coming time.

"This is a new and attractive model thanks to its beautiful terrain suitable for sightseeing and relaxation at the weekend. Together with such spots as the ancestral litchi tree, Dong Ngo and Minh Khanh pagodas, the water puppetry troupe of Thanh Ha commune, etc., a new tour attractive to visitors can be created," said Khong Quoc Tuan, Director of the Provincial Tourism Information and Promotion Center.

Tu intends to build an event organization zone, an accommodation system, river tourism ships, and other auxiliary works in the time to come to further perfect the ecological garden to increase its attractiveness to tourists.

She desires that the commune and district authorities will facilitate the upgrading and enlargement of roads and lights to the ecological garden to create favorable conditions for sightseers.

Tu's farming-ecotourism model should be multiplied to retain visitors to Thanh Ha as well as other localities in the province, according to Khong Quoc Tuan.

To further develop and multiply the model, close coordination among local authorities, departments, sectors, and travel companies is really needed. At the same time, it is necessary to step up propaganda and promotion and invite State management units in the field of tourism, travel companies, and press agencies to carry out surveys to complement the model and conduct propaganda for numerous tourists to know.

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