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All-level trade unions jointly build smoke-free working environment
  31/5/2017 4:37:23 PM
Over the past years, trade unions (TU) at all levels in Hai Duong province have striven to mobilize agencies, units, and TU members to actively build a smoke-free working environment.

The Provincial Labor Confederation propagandizes tobacco harm prevention and control to
 officials, public servants, and laborers in Thanh Ha district

Emulation criterion

Coming to Mai Linh Hai Duong One Member Co., Ltd., we saw a lot of red plates "No smoking" on walls.

To be recruited, laborers must not smoke or drink alcohol in cars and shift handover areas. Perhaps due to this standard, only about 5% of Mai Linh Hai Duong's staff are still smokers at present.

To achieve the about result, the TU of the enterprise coordinated with the board of managers to develop regulations on corporate culture implementation and intensified propaganda and mobilization of employees to strictly observe the regulations.

Employees who deliberately commit violations after being reminded are subject to money and monthly emulation fines. The company proactively terminates the labor contracts of those repeating violations. Passengers reporting on drivers who smoke while carrying them to the company do not have to pay charges.

"Propaganda for employees to strictly observe the regulations helps not only the company build its image but also employees be aware of the harmful effects of tobacco on their health. Their economy will be influenced if they do not comply; therefore, most employees voluntarily abide by the regulations," said Nguyen Quang Toai, chairman of the company's TU.

Many agencies have proactively arranged separate smoking places for smokers. The Construction Department is one of such units.

"It is very difficult to persuade some veteran smokers to quit smoking. Only mobilizing them not to smoke in public and crowded places to avoid affecting people around is possible," said Nguyen Thi Nhan, chairwoman of the TU of the provincial construction sector.

In 2008, the Construction Department arranged a set of tables, chairs, and ashtrays in a corridor to serve smokers. In addition, the TU of the construction sector has actively mobilized employees to limit or quit smoking.

Over 700 people persuaded to quit smoking

Over the past time, the Provincial Labor Confederation has directed subordinate TUs to increase communication on the harmful effects of tobacco.

TUs at all levels have put tobacco harm prevention and control into their annual propaganda plans and regular activities; included the ban on smoking  in the workplace in their agencies' regulations; organized officials, TU members, public servants, and employees to sign a commitment not to smoke in the workplace; regularly checked and reminded TU members to comply with regulations, etc.

In places where many officials, TU members, and employees smoke, grassroots TUs have collaborated with authorities, boards of managers, and leaders of agencies, units, and enterprises to arrange separate areas for smokers and stick "No smoking" plates at easily observable locations. Some units also punish those smoking in unauthorized places...

Since 2016, TUs at all levels have persuaded more than 700 people to quit smoking and organized over 200 propaganda and training sessions on the Law on Tobacco Harm Prevention and Control and the building of a smoke-free working environment for more than 23,000 people.

To continue building smoke-free agencies and units, every official, public servant, and laborer should raise their awareness and responsibility in preventing and controlling the harmful effects of tobacco, not smoke in the workplace and public areas, and consider this a norm in building cultural agencies and units.

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