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Joy of protecting laborers' interests
  3/8/2017 6:04:51 PM
Many trade union (TU) officials, both specialized ones and pluralists, are dedicated to the heavy responsibility of protecting laborers' interests.

Mai Xuan Anh, Chairman of the Provincial Labor Confederation, awards the Emulation Fighter title of the Vietnam Labor Confederation to Nguyen Thi Tuyet, Chairwoman of the Tu Ky District Labor Confederation


Before undertaking TU work, Pham Thi Hoai, Vice Chairwoman of the Hai Duong City Labor Confederation (LC), had been a teacher in Hong Thai commune (Ninh Giang). For nearly 20 years since job change, Hoai has achieved much success in grassroots TU building at the City LC.

"At first, I thought my job was a bit hard, but then I felt happy and pleased. TU work cannot be done without dedication," said Hoai.
There is one thing that not only excites Hoai but also warms the hearts of many disadvantaged laborers. That is since 2010, the City LC has mobilized organizations and enterprises to present gifts to employees every Lunar New Year or Workers' Month (May). To date, thousands of turns of disadvantaged laborers have received valuable and meaningful presents.

In 2002, the Tu Ky District LC was reestablished. At that time, Nguyen Thi Tuyet was an expert of the District Division of Education and Training. Leaders of the district persuaded her to become a TU official.

There were numerous difficulties in the job transfer. She had to learn from the experience of those in the profession, arrange public and private affairs, and spend time on professional learning.

She gradually matured with knowledge, and then work swept her along. Her joy multiplies whenever she successfully protects laborers' interests.

Over 15 years of being the chairwoman of the District LC, Tuyet has received innumerable certificates of merit from TUs. However, to Tuyet, her highest achievement is recognition from actual deeds.

In recent years, thanks to her advice, the district authorities have annually set up inter-sector teams to inspect businesses.

Previously, when TUs conducted inspections themselves, business owners would find ways to refuse or not welcome them. TUs even could only submit petitions on the wrongdoings detected instead of handling.

Nowadays, with the presence of other functional sectors, businesses are forced to comply. Knowing violations of enterprises, TUs will help employees claim their interests in the shortest time. This way, there is no more enterprise in prolonged arrears with social insurance in Tu Ky.

Support for laborers

At present, most grassroots TU officials in the province are pluralists. TU officials holding more than one office at enterprises must bear much pressure since in fact, they are employees of the enterprises and paid by the business owners. How to both keep their livelihood and fulfill the role of protecting employees' interests is always their great concern.

Bui Huy Hiep is manager of the Administrative Organization Department cum TU chairman of Kefico Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Dai An industrial park, Hai Duong city).

He was elected TU chairman by the company's employees at two grassroots TU congresses. It is noteworthy that he is also greatly trusted by the business owner.

To be able to fulfill both roles, Hiep has had to endeavor a lot and always looks for ways to harmoniously handle the relationship between the business owner and employees.

The TU of Kefico Vietnam Co., Ltd. also regularly holds meetings to consult production groups, writes down legitimate ideas, and asks the enterprise for settlement. Unreasonable comments will be explained to workers for them to understand.

With this approach, the labor relationship in the business is always harmonious and stable. Though there are nearly 1,000 employees at the company, the annual resignation rate is only about 1% with individual demand as the main reason.

Tran Van Luong has been TU chairman cum assistant of the director-general of Tan Nguyen Metallurgy Hai Duong Vietnam JSC. (Kinh Mon) for the past nearly 10 years

Luong always wants to be a bridge between employees and employers with practical deeds.

He always persuades the employers to realize the benefits of caring for the employees. Thanks to his advice, the company has agreed to implement many nonstatutory regimes, such as bonuses for workers on all holidays in a year, annual 13th month's salary for all employees, etc.

He has also proposed that leaders of the company, a heavy industrial one, pay VND25,000 for a shift meal of every employee. This is the highest meal level among enterprises in the province at present.

With such practical efforts for laborers, Luong has been commended and rewarded as a good TU chairman by the Provincial LC since 2010.

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