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Society jointly cares for meritorious people's lives
  21/7/2017 5:02:56 PM
In Hai Duong, activities to care for and show gratitude to revolutionary contributors have become traditional beauty.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Luong Van Cau presents gifts to war
 invalids, victims of Agent Orange, and typical martyrs' children

On the heroic Eastern land of Hai Duong, activities to care for and show gratitude to revolutionary contributors have become traditional beauty, reflecting the moral principle uong nuoc nho nguon (when drinking water, remember its origin).

Comprehensive care

Over the past time, relevant agencies and local authorities in the province have always adequately and promptly implemented all preferential regimes and policies of the Party and State for meritorious people.

Meritorious people are visited and presented with gifts on the occasions of holidays, New Year's Festivals, anniversaries, etc. Since 2016 alone, the provincial authorities have spent over VND100 billion on these activities.

Housing support for meritorious people is one of activities following the guideline of comprehensive care for meritorious people.

To realize the Prime Minister's Decision No. 22/2013/QD-TTg, the provincial authorities have assisted 5,654 meritorious people in house construction and repair with a total budget of more than VND176 billion, part of which came from local funds besides Central bodies' support.

Healthcare for meritorious people has also been well done. In 2016, Hai Duong authorities bought and allocated health insurance cards to 6,793 meritorious people, relatives of meritorious people, former young volunteers, and war veterans joining in the resistance war before April 30, 1975.

There are 235 martyrs' cemeteries with 35,811 graves in the province. Over the past five years, provincial and local authorities have supported the construction and repair of seven martyrs' temples and 65 turns of martyrs' cemeteries.

Since 2009, the provincial authorities have always directed Youth Unions at all levels to preside over the organization of incense offering and candle lighting ceremonies to express gratitude to heroic martyrs in the province on every occasion of celebrating War Invalids and Martyrs Day (July 27).

Over the past years, the provincial authorities have always defined the nursing of revolutionary contributors as one of great policies showing the Party and State's attention to meritorious people.

In 2013, the provincial authorities decided to establish the Nursing Center for Meritorious People in Cong Hoa ward (Chi Linh) with airy and quiet natural conditions very good for health.

Since establishment, the center has conducted concentrated nursing for about 18,000 turns of meritorious people.

Community participation

The Hai Duong City Youth Union co-organizes free medical examination and counseling
 for policy beneficiaries in Le Thanh Nghi ward

Together with the State's preferential policies, over the past time, the movement All People Take Care of War Invalids, Sick Soldiers, Families of Martyrs, and Meritorious People has constantly been promoted both in breadth and depth and become a beautiful feature in community life.

One of practical activities is the Gratitude Fund building movement. To date, over VND16.3 billion has been donated to the fund by collectives and individuals in the province.

War Veterans' Associations, Youth Unions, Women's Unions, Red Cross Societies, Trade Unions, etc. also frequently assist house construction and repair, present gifts to meritorious people and policy families, launch such movements as Silk Shirts for Grandmothers, Your Daughters, Sponsoring Martyrs' Children, etc.

Thanks to the whole community's participation, the provincial authorities have given 433 gratitude books worth over VND1.2 billion to meritorious people and policy families in difficult circumstances or suffering from dangerous diseases.

Regarding war-caused losses, perhaps no one is as heart-broken as Vietnamese Heroic Mothers. Understanding their pain, a lot of collectives have undertaken the care for many mothers for life.

All children of martyrs and seriously wounded soldiers in difficult circumstances have been taken cared of or helped by unions.

Thanks to proper guidelines and policies of the Party and State on implementing preferential regimes for meritorious people and the whole community's participation and contribution, the life of meritorious people has improved in all aspects.


Due to the resistance wars against French colonials and US aggressors, international missions, and the national construction and defense, Hai Duong has had 38,941 martyrs, 21,711 war invalids, 10,531 sick soldiers, 4,006 Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, 37 Heroes of the People's Armed Forces, 926 officers operating before the 1945 August Revolution, 3,637 resistance activists captured and imprisoned by the enemy, and 8,922 resistance activists and their children infected with toxic chemicals and currently enjoying monthly allowances.
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