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Mascot Vietnam turns towards employees
  7/7/2017 6:15:37 PM
Mascot International Vietnam Ltd. (Tan Truong industrial zone, Cam Giang, Hai Duong) went into operation in 2007.

The occupational safety and hygiene official of the enterprise guides a worker on how to properly use a fire-extinguisher

The enterprise is employing more than 700 workers, 85% of them are woman. Over the past years, it has done many practical things to take care of the employees' lives.

Medical station set up in enterprise

In 2010, the company set up a medical station to examine and treat its employees. The medical station examines medically-insured people right at the enterprise. This is very convenient since the employees do not have to take leave to go for a medical examination in another place.

Thanks to on-the-spot medical examination, the medical station can promptly grasp the situation of the employees' health to care for and treat them.

To ensure the quality of meals of the employees, the enterprise has built a cafeteria covering nearly 1,000 m2 to serve all of its employees.

Medical workers strictly check food and clearly identify the origin before processing. Shift meals are hygienically made at a price of VND22,000/ person/ meal and suit the taste of the workers.  The level of the meals is relatively high compared to the general level of enterprises in the province.

The kitchen also changes many different dishes on a daily basis for the employees to choose. Every month, the company distributes questionnaires to the employees to diversify the menu.

Besides, the company has also installed air conditioners in the workplace and arranged playgrounds for the employees, frequently visits and presents extremely disadvantaged employees' families with gifts, and organizes sightseeing and travels for the employees once a year.

The current monthly income of the company's employees ranges between VND5.5 million and VND7.5 million/ person.

Having worked for the company for six years, Ngo Thi Van (32 years old) said: "Leaders of the company pay special attention to issues related to health care for their employees, helping us keep our mind on our work."

Labor safety ensured

Mascot International Vietnam Ltd. specializes in manufacturing workwear for the European market.

The employees often come into contact with machines, electronic equipment, etc., making occupational accidents easily happen.

Therefore, over the past years, the company has invested in and standardized all signs for direction, safety warning, fire and explosion prevention and fighting, etc. Medical cabinets and fire-extinguishers have been supplemented and installed in prescribed places.

To date, the company has arranged 147 fire-extinguishers, 55 fire-hydrants, 254 fire-alarms, and five medical cabinets at reasonable and convenient locations.

Systems of lights, fans, and air conditioners have been adequately installed, ensuring the employees' health, especially in hot weather.

The company annually works out plans to ensure occupational safety and hygiene, prevent and fight fires and explosions.

"Annually, the company often conducts propaganda, training in occupational safety and fire prevention and fighting, and escape drills for both officials and employees. The fire prevention and fighting system is regularly checked and maintained. The collection, classification, gathering, and treatment of waste generated in the production process are regularly and seriously maintained," said Vu Xuan Nam, chief engineer cum occupational safety and hygiene official.

After every shift, workers in all sections clean their working areas and re-check lines and machines by themselves before leaving. As a result, the working environment in each workshop is neat, clean, and safe.

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